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real handicraft

The Shoemaker World

I am pleased to present the effect of thousands of hours of work and sacrifices in the form of completely handmade leather shoes. Combining the style of fashion from the streets of the whole world with avant-garde and art has allowed me to create a contemporary and sophisticated product with more than a temporary form. Opus magnum brands are, however, interchangeable like engraved decorations, tattoos, clasps, etc. Opportunities in creating your own and unique model are literally unlimited.

Welcome to The Shoemaker World where I invite you to travel through real handicraft, art and infinite possibilities of creation.


The shoemaker

Unique design

Original collection

The Shoemaker is culmination of total freedom in creating as well as evidence for the fact that it is possible to combine a lot of types of art with itself as well as the diversity of techniques.

Every The Shoemaker pair of shoes is being packed into the exceptional, handmade wooden box made by Timberart Workshop. Clothes, masterpieces or accessories are a perfect vehicle for culture, arts and past.

Every detail in The Shoemakers projects always means something. For example the small, silver boxing glove buttoned up on the upper of the shoe or by the sleeve of the jacket is tribute for Pietrzykowski - his incredible will and love of the life. The Shoemaker models are proof of the obsession of the author on this point; of vaccinating one's interests among others with music, movies, arts in everything he creates.


Literally - unique shoes created entirely with shoemaker's traditional methods - by hand sewn and finished

Natural leathers

Made of best quality natural leathers and components

Interchangeable accessories

Variants in the form of unique interchangeable accessories

Unrepeatable design

Designed on the basis of timless solutions not confining oneself with trends, fashion and the unspecified mass production




Michal Wojewodzic was born in Cracow, southern Poland. It’s not surprising that after a few years of seeking and gathering experience he decided to choose this magic city for the place of his artistic activity.

From the very beginning he has been focused on the valuable art. In 2009 he created his first author’s collection, a clothing line. During his journey with design he used also another forms to show his talent.

Finally, some time ago he discovered his new passion. Passion of creating hand-sewn shoes from natural components. The fact that nowadays this method is partially forgotten makes every hand-made pair of shoes very special. He believes that old ways of making footwear and modern design are the best recipe for customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, he has always been looking to fulfill the autonomous vision of creator.


Details are important

At the special request of the customer, wooden boxes made by hand are perfect complementing of handmade leather shoes. Every model in the single copy with the possibility of upholstering with natural leather,decorating with engraving or sketch. Everything wooden box is designed and created by the Timberart Studio.

What makes us diffrent


International Shipping

All items purchased on The Shoemaker website are shipped free worldwide.



We offer a 14 day return policy for all fully priced items!


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The Shoemaker

A Story of Perseverance (Subtitled)

This short documentary film is about Michal Wojewodzic, also known as The Shoemaker. From Krakow, Poland, he is the owner of shoemakerstore.com and several other clothing/fashion lines. I first saw his work 2016 and it has since evolved and transformed. However, with every step and pair of hand-made boots produced along the way, he remains true to his vision on his path to greatness.


Dzień dobry TVN

Few pictures and words about my work in a video interview

I had a pleasure to share my artistic work with the larger public in the morning program TVN. Enjoy watching!


Pasjonaci Tv

Few pictures and words about my work in a video interview

I had a pleasure to share my artistic work with the larger public in the Youtube channel Pasjonaci Tv. Enjoy watching!